Get started with Wallet Wars + zkSync


The Wallet Wars game and its primary in-game asset - raw Ships - is built on the zkSync Era blockchain.

To participate in the Wallet Wars prizes and rewards, you will need to have ETH on the zkSync Era network in order to mint raw Ships. This guide will take you through the steps using the various options for bridging or depositing ETH.

A full list of providers and methods is available at: https://zksync.io/explore

1. Log in to Wallet Wars using your Wallet


Go to www.play.walletwars.io (link will go live on 15th December)


Connect with your zkSync browser-enabled wallet, like MetaMask


Sign the prompted transaction to verify your wallet and log in

Optionally, you may need to confirm the network switch to zkSync Era


Click your wallet address in the top right hand corner of the screen.


View your ETH balance on the wallet pop-up

2. Depositing or Transferring ETH to zkSync




Access the Bridge: Visit the official zkSync Era bridge.


Connect Your Wallet: Use MetaMask or any WalletConnect-supported wallet.


Select Ethereum Mainnet: Make sure your wallet is set to the Ethereum Mainnet.


Enter Amount: Input how much ETH you want to bridge.


Initiate Deposit: Click 'Deposit' and confirm the transaction in your wallet.


Confirmation: Wait for the process to complete. Your ETH will appear in zkSync Era.




Exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken allow direct withdrawal to zkSync Era.


Process: Deposit ETH → Withdraw to zkSync Era.


Please see your exchange provider for more information.




Onramping providers such as https://transak.com/ and https://ramp.network/ allow you to deposit funds on zkSync using fiat channels such as credit card.


To do so, select your preferred fiat payment currency, then select ETH on zkSync Era as the receiving currency and blockchain network, enter the deposit address for your zkSync wallet, then confirm.


FAQ 1 : Why Choose zkSync for Wallet Wars?

Answer: zkSync Era was selected for Wallet Wars due to its exceptional transaction speeds and significantly reduced gas costs, which enhance the gaming experience. It also offers robust security and scalability. Additionally, zkSync is anticipated to release a governance token, and early users, like those in Wallet Wars, might benefit from this via airdrops.

FAQ 2: Differences Between zkSync Lite and zkSync Era?

Answer: It is essential that you bridge assets to zkSync Era, rather than zkSync Lite. zkSync Lite, launched in 2020, was designed for basic transactions, supporting up to 3,000 TPS. In contrast, zkSync Era, introduced in March 2023, is a major upgrade with full EVM compatibility. This allows the use of Ethereum languages for smart contract development and introduces zkPorter technology, enhancing the transaction throughput to over 20,000 TPS, making it ideal for complex dApps and games like Wallet Wars.

FAQ 3: What Wallets Are Compatible with zkSync Era?

Answer: MetaMask and wallets supporting WalletConnect are compatible with zkSync Era. These wallets are popular for their user-friendly interfaces and robust security features. When using these wallets, ensure they are configured to support Layer 2 networks like zkSync Era for seamless transactions.

FAQ 4: Are Gas Fees Lower on zkSync Era Compared to Ethereum Mainnet?

Answer: Yes, gas fees on zkSync Era are significantly lower than on the Ethereum mainnet. This reduction is due to the efficiency of zkSync's Layer 2 scaling solution, which optimizes transaction processing. This cost-effectiveness is particularly beneficial for games like Wallet Wars, where frequent transactions are common.

FAQ 5: How Secure is zkSync Era for Wallet Wars Transactions?

Answer: zkSync Era uses advanced cryptographic techniques like zero-knowledge proofs, ensuring high levels of security and privacy. Players should still follow best crypto security practices, such as using hardware wallets and securely backing up seed phrases, to protect their assets within the game.

FAQ 6: What Types of Tokens Can Be Transferred to zkSync Era?

Answer: Besides ETH, zkSync Era supports a variety of ERC-20 tokens. You may choose to using decentralised exchanges on zkSync to swap one token for another, such as ETH. Before transferring any token, it's crucial to verify its compatibility on the platform. This ensures smooth transactions and compatibility with Wallet Wars and other dApps on the network.

FAQ 7: How Fast Are Transactions on zkSync Era?

Answer: Transactions on zkSync Era typically complete much faster than on the Ethereum mainnet, often within a few seconds. The exact speed can vary based on network congestion and the complexity of the transaction. This speed is beneficial for gaming environments where quick transactions are essential.

FAQ 8: Is zkSync Era Compatible with Ethereum Smart Contracts?

Answer: Yes, zkSync Era is fully compatible with Ethereum's smart contracts. It supports the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), allowing developers to use Solidity and other Ethereum languages. This makes it an ideal platform for decentralized applications, including complex gaming ecosystems like Wallet Wars.

FAQ 9: Can Assets Be Bridged Back to Ethereum Mainnet?

Answer: Yes, assets can be bridged back from zkSync Era to the Ethereum mainnet. When doing so, it's important to use a trusted and secure bridge service. The process is similar to bridging to zkSync Era but in reverse. Always verify the bridge service and double-check transaction details for accuracy.

FAQ 10: What If I Send Tokens to the Wrong Address on zkSync Era?

Answer: Transactions on blockchain networks like zkSync Era are irreversible. If tokens are sent to an incorrect address, they cannot be retrieved. It's crucial to double-check addresses before initiating any transaction. For added security, start with a small test transaction when sending to a new address.

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